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Graphic Journalism by Dan Archer



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2008 June

What A Whopper

Here’s a page from my latest comic on Burger King’s questionable treatment of their central american workforce. A longer preview is yours for the browsing right here. I’m also proud to say it features in the awesome Secrets & Lies Anthology comprised of CCS students and WRJ cartoonists that debuted at Mocca last weekend. Click here for a preview and here for the official S & L site, where you can order a copy.

Joan of Arc Commission

Here’s my latest addition to my portraits of Historical Greats – so far featuring Wilde and Joyce (who you can see in the Gallery section). It’s from a photo, not a scan, so pardon the poor image quality.

The last Plague page – for now

This was as far as I got with my Plague project, hamstrung by early modern english syntax and an obsession with hatching bordering on the maniacal. I’ll be picking this back up at some point in the near future, but for the most part will stick to narratives in the last 100 years…

Plague of London – p.3

And so the Puritan’s plight continues…click on the right hand side menu to go back to the start

Plague of London – p.2

Our story continues, as the desperate puritan hatches an escape plan from the Tower of London.