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2010 January 28

Tree-hugging liberals and Howard Zinn RIP

treesit1tn Before I kick things off, become a fan of the newborn Archcomix Facebook Fan page here and get more updates than you can shake a digitized stick at. Now, onwards. Heroes of the week – In West Virginia, Protestors associated with Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice have managed to halt blasting on Coal River Mountain for the last week by staging a three-person tree-sit. David Aaron Smith, 23, Amber Nitchman, 19 and Eric Blevins, 28 are on platforms approximately 60 feet up two tulip poplar trees and one oak tree. They are located next to where Massey Energy is blasting to build an access road to the Brushy Fork Impoundment on its Bee Tree Strip Mine. One of them came down two days ago suffering from the cold, although the incessant horn blaring and siren wailing of vindictive Massey energy workers to prevent them from sleeping might have also had something to do with it.Today is National Coal Ash day of action so inform yerselves by watching this video, or reading my comic about Mountain Top Removal (pasted below). Please share this post with others via the buttons at the bottom too.


Legendary leftist historian activist Howard Zinn also gets a special mention after suffering a fatal heart attack yesterday. Here’s a good interview with him by way of an introduction. Of course, there’s always his seminal A People’s History of the US (later adapted into a graphic novel) too.