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2010 October 21

Stanford Graphic Novel Launch Party for Pika-Don; Check out my Knight Project Prototype

(Most of) the Stanford Graphic Novel Project (L-R): Chris Bautista, Katie Pyne, Sam Julian, Anna Rosales, Lucas Loredo, Topher Lin, James Lipshaw, Guillermo Huerta

Last night saw the star-studded launch of the SGNP’s latest opus, Pika-Don, from which the above splash page has been artfully cropped (excuse the low res). Veteran readers will know exactly what this is about, but for those of you who don’t it’s the graphic retelling of the story of one of the world’s few double atomic bomb survivors, Tsutomu Yamaguchi. Use the search bar up top to find my original post which has all the details.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support – a video featuring interviews with the students as well as my co-Instructors Adam Johnson and Tom Kealey will be online soon. As will a link to where you can get your hands on a copy.

The other big news is a major breakthrough in my Knight Project – my first working prototype is up and ready for testing. Ladies and Gents, I proudly present…Newspanels. Have at it!