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2012 March

International Criminal Court Comic – Live today on Cartoon Movement

That’s right, my ICC comic is now live over at Cartoon Movement – click here to read it and please share it around the internets.

For a behind the scenes look at my process and how the project came together, check out this blog post. If you’re new to these parts, scroll over the headings above for a drop down menu to previous online comics, or sign up for the newsletter below for access to the “special features” part of my site.

New Interactive Comic on the ICC goes live on Cartoon Movement on Weds, and vote for my ONA panels!

My latest comics journalism piece on the International Criminal Court will be published online at Cartoon Movement on Wednesday. It uses a new framework for scrolling through a historical timeline that I’ve built, and I’d love to hear feedback, so be sure to stop by, check it out and leave a comment.

Oh and in case you missed it (what? you don’t already follow me on Twitter? All is forgiven, just click here) please vote for the two ONA (online news association) panels – Comics Journalism (natch) and Financing Meaningful Journalism. You’ll need a reddit account. Yes, it’s simple to set up and can be your good deed for the day.

More news on my intermittent musings and other upcoming/recently finished projects below the fold. Just scroll on down.