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Israeli Article on Borderland Human Trafficking Comic

One of Israel’s largest business dailies is running a feature piece on the story behind Borderland, the human trafficking comic that Olga Trusova and I put together over the last year. Practice your hebrew with the original piece here, or read the slightly odd-sounding-but-basically-intelligible google translation here.

I’ve downed webtools recently to finally make time to pick up my drawing tools, and am pushing ahead with Hardhats pages for my latest graphic novel project. The first part will be done and ready for release by this time next week – I’ll be posting previews in the Hardhats page of the site over the coming days.


  1. Ofer B.

    The Hebrew translation does seem odd. it’s because the automatic translator doesn’t recognize some of the hebrew verbs as such and therfore it pushes them to the end of the sentence as if they were adverbs. then it goes on to find another optional word who acts like a verb – usually ending up with a version of BE/AM/IS/ARE kind of thing.
    it helps reading Hebrew and english fluently.

    as for borederland – i picked it up from my israeli post office the day before yesterday and hadn’t had the chance to check it up. i did read the PDF version. it is a heavy reading, but a most interesting one.

    thank you for creating it and sharing it with the rest of the world.

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