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financial crisis.

Explaining the Financial Crisis on Marketplace: An animation and comic

Pardon the brief hiatus, but I’ve spent the last little while with my head down working through the historical record with Paddy Hirsch, Senior Editor at Marketplace, on ways to make the financial crisis easier to understand and accessible to the general (ie. non-economically-minded) public. The fruits of our labour are now up online at Marketplace to coincide with the 3rd anniversary of Lehman Bros’ collapseĀ – check out the 2 minute animation below and the rest of the comic here.

Wordless meltdown

Meeting Eric Drooker last week got me thinking back to my experiments with wordless comics, which peaked with the above piece for Bash magazine in Dec 2008. So much was being said about the then imminent financial crisis, I thought a wordless approach with all of its symbolic ambiguities was a novel way of pointing the metaphorical finger at the Credit Default Swapping troublemakers. Scroll down for lots of updates below the fold, and don’t forget to cast your cover design vote for my Borderland comic – voting closes in a few hours.