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Q&A on PBS Mediashift, Kickstarter Project updates, Creative Work Fund Shortlist

It’s been a while, and plenty’s happened: first and foremost, check out my interview with PBS Mediashift on graphic journalism processes and practices. Then if you want the latest issue of the graphic journalism investigation into human trafficking in Nepal that I’m currently working on, check out the updates from my ongoing Kickstarter (ok so the Kickstarter is over, but you can always get issues from the archcomix store if you missed that boat). Those of you who got the last Archcomix newsletter (sign up here if not) will also know that I’ve been shortlisted for the Creative Work Fund for my project on San Francisco’s mentally ill homeless population and their struggle to find housing services. More soon – and be sure to check out partner site Graphic Voices for more about recent collaborations with NGOs (ECPAT and Save the Children). Thanks for your support.

RTV Interview

Last night I was interviewed about my work, graphic journalism, human trafficking as well as the Graphic History of the Honduran Coup (blast from the past, back from 2009) on RTV’s “Breaking the Set”. You can watch the segment here. I’m on at 14:45 mins.

New Comic on BBC News Today!

Click here to read the fruits of my labours investigating human trafficking out here in Nepal in the form of the BBC’s first dabble with graphic journalism. Please share the link – the more of this we can get Auntie to publish, the better.

A Night at the Circus (Kathmandu)

Episode 2 of the prologue to my graphic novel on human trafficking in Nepal. Hit the “previous” button to read yesterday’s strip.

New Interactive Comic on Cybersecurity at Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation

A brief interlude away from the Nepal trafficking project to share my latest interactive piece done for Stanford University’s CISAC. Wondering what the difference is between a worm, a backdoor and a trojan? Or why you should break that habit of naked skype conference calls? ThenĀ read the comic here. Roll over the red dots when you hover over the pages to call up interactive markers housing audio, video and hyperlinks.

Ex Kamlaris Work their Way out of Slavery

Another interview from the far western region of Nepal where I’ve been this week, working with Nepal Youth Foundation to speak with ex-Kamlari girls who were once forced to work as domestic servants. Leela (pictured above) actually sold herself to pay for get school fees. Hit ‘previous’ for more info on the Kamlaris and to read other sketch interviews from this week. Comics from the open border at Mahendrenagar coming tonight.

Click on the Nepal project panel in the right sidebar for how to support this project via PayPal, or watch the intro video via the Kickstarter link on the left.


New Year Among the Tharus of Western Nepal


I’m writing this from Lamahi in Dang district, western Nepal, where the Tharu people have just celebrated Maghe Sankranti, their New Year. I’m on the road with the Nepal Youth Foundation covering their work to eradicate the practice of bonded slavery of girls in the Tharu community, known locally as Kamlaris. Together with NYF President Som Paneru (and his wife and extremely sweet 3yr old daughter) and Program Coordinator Man Bahadur I’m traveling from village to village doing interviews and checking on the status of entrepreneurial schemes they’ve set up to give former Kamlaris an economic route out of slavery and towards autonomy. The sketch is from Kalika VDC, Bardia district.

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