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Hard Hats

Hard Hats comic – the cover

After finally reaching a breathing point after months-worth of deadlines (could be the eye of the storm, mind you) I finally took the chance to get back to some illustration work. Here’s the new cover of my soon-to-be-launched comic (co-written with Nikil Saval), Hard Hats. For more info, go to the Hard Hats page.

The Guardian review and a spanish translation

Now the Guardian newspaper has picked up the Honduran comic, and given it a positive review to boot:

“A journalistic take on the Honduran crisis whose attention to context puts conventional media coverage to shame. By flipping the pages of history this graphic novel reminds us why the White House is dragging its heels.”

Meanwhile I’m working on a spanish translation of the comic whilst writing the blurb about my upcoming graphic novel, The Hard Hat Riots for Insomnia Publications. I’m also updating the COMIX section of the site, so check it out via the tabs at the top of this page to read the back catalogue of my work.