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Miami Book Fair

Miami Book Fair Report part 1 and the CIW

The crowds line up for a copy of Pika-Don

The literary maelstrom that was the Miami Book Fair is now over, and both the Stanford Graphic Novel panel and my comic journalism panel with David Axe went very well. The SGNP on Thurs saw Adam Johnson, English Professor at Stanford and the creator of the SGNP, talk about the origins of the program, how he conceived of it, how the process varied across our three books (Shake Girl, Virunga and Pika-Don) and what advice educators need to follow to start a similar course of their own. The response was overwhelmingly positive so here’s to offshoots popping up all over the country. Below is one of the many watercolour sketches I’ve been banging out during the lectures – apologies for the low quality, it’s from a blurry iphone photo. Anyone out there recommend a decent portable scanner?

On the tail of that positivity, check out this article from the Miami NewTimes on my work. I’ll post a longer update on my talk (it was recorded, so perhaps even the video of it too) tomorrow, as well as some more sketches, and the lowdown on Joe Sacco’s talk.

Last but not least, some fantastic news from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), who reached a historic agreement last week with the Florida Tomato Grower’s Exchange. See above for a few sample panels from my first comic, What a Whopper, featuring none other than Reggie Brown from the said exchange, who seems to be eating his words from 2007. Click here to read the Whopper comic online, which is about Burger King’s then exploitation of migrant labour from Central America.