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Hard Hats comic – the cover

After finally reaching a breathing point after months-worth of deadlines (could be the eye of the storm, mind you) I finally took the chance to get back to some illustration work. Here’s the new cover of my soon-to-be-launched comic (co-written with Nikil Saval), Hard Hats. For more info, go to the Hard Hats page.

Wrongful Conviction, part 4

To read from the start of this harrowing true story about one man’s wrongful incarceration on death row, click here.

Wrongful Conviction part 3

Ray Krone’s tragic true story continues. To read from the start, hit “previous” twice won’t you.

All my Bash Strips Archived!

Follow this link to read several of my short story comics that have been published by Bash magazine over the last year – and compare the Chile piece with the Beggars story to see how much progress I’ve made. A big thanks to Jason Lutes for his invaluable crit advice.

Sadly Bash has had to shut up shop in the wake of print journalism generally dying, so pay your respects and visit the site today!

826 Valencia, Memoir (and), The Other Side…

What a week it’s been. I just got my hands on the comics anthology Paper TV, which was created by the class I taught earlier this semester at 826 Valencia, Dave Eggers’ Writing Center down in the Mission, and looks pretty damn awesome. I’ve also been interviewed in the December issue of The Other Side Magazine, so prepare to pounce on that next month all you Londoners. AND I’ve got a piece in the Spring edition of Memoir (and), which is a literary journal specializing in creative non-fiction. The piece is a colloboration I did with a friend of mine (nice one Olly) about gang violence in Nigeria. You can read it in the Comix section on this very site.