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More Yiddishkeit and what I’m currently working on

As promised above, here is a link to the Yiddishkeit slideshow detailing my process of turning a comics script into finished pages, including using visual references, digital colouring in photoshop, thumbnailing, all that good stuff. Here is the Kickstarter campaign to erect a statue in Harvey’s native Cleveland.

Many thanks to Sterling Warner at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose for inviting me to talk about my work and comics journalism in general on Wednesday. It was great talking to the next generation of visual storytellers afterwards and I hope that some of them have made it here to the Archcomix online HQ – if so, welcome! Be sure to browse comics using the drop-down menus at the top of the page.

Meanwhile this week Alcatraz continues to rumble ahead, with the finish line now finally in sight; a new animation-based project involving Vietnam is in the works; I’m building another interactive piece, this time on the history of the International Criminal Court; pencilling some pages on a potential legal academic graphic novel; working on the follow-up to my crisis comix for Marketplace; AND laying the groundwork for my follow-up to last year’s Borderland, which will tell the story of trafficking in the US. Oh and the Stanford Graphic Novel Project! More about that on the soon to be re-launched”teaching” page – stay tuned for updates.

RIP Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar, the legendary underground comics writer and creator of the American Splendor series, was found dead at his Cleveland home earlier today. Pekar was an uncompromising champion of the American everyman, most famously in his tirades on the David Letterman show (see clip, left) and candid disregard for celebritydom and its trappings. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Harvey earlier this year on one of his final projects, a history of Yiddish literature and culture, which will be out in the Fall. Go to the social histories page for more extracts of Yiddishland, and RIP one of comics’ true greats.

Update: Above are sample panels from Yiddishland. As you may have guessed, the site is currently undergoing a redesign and I’m still ironing out some kinks, with the help of Stanford CS student Alex Easton. Thanks Alex!