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Last Honduran Panels and a Mountain Top Removal comic from the archive

Above is the last tier of the Honduran comic. Now that the fake election was pushed through and trumpeted by the media, let’s not let the spotlight drift away from the area – check out the video below for some excellent reporting from behind the scenes of the voting process:

Also, here’s a comic from last year exposing the dangers, greed and environmental destruction inherent to Mountain Top Removal – and good luck to those who are protesting in Copenhagen this week.


Chile, 1970 p10

Apologies for the delay in getting this next page up – as you can see, there’s a lot more going on, panel-wise. This scene shows Hecksher and Atlee Phillips, both CIA operatives based in Santiago, as they report back to Langley/Washington the current plan of action and situation on the ground. Dissatisfaction clearly arose from the diplomatic ‘Track 1’ route that Atlee Phillips mentions here, which refers to the non-confrontational means of preventing Allende’s inauguration as President. DCI Helms, AP’s boss back at the CIA, had proposed this two-track path under the ominous sounding project FUBELT, but as you will see in the next page, a far more harebrained scheme of direct action was already on the cards…

You’ll notice the title has changed too. This is to reflect the change of focus onto what happened before Allende’s inauguration as opposed to the now infamous coup that culminated in his murder.

The Other 911, p9

Start at the beginning of this comic by clicking on the right hand nav bar link.The action has now moved to Chile and the CIA station where Field Agents Henry Hecksher and David Atlee Phillips are directing the CIA’s misinformation campaign against Allende.

The Other 911, p8

Start at the beginning of this comic by clicking on the right hand nav bar link. This scene depicts the meeting between Richard Helms, Director of the CIA, President Nixon, Secretary of State Kissinger and Attorney General John Helms as they discuss the use of counter-intelligence to stop Salvador Allende’s inauguration as President of Chile in September 1970. The portrait of the Indian is taken from an actual painting hanging in the White House of an indigenous Indian Chieftain, which I thought would serve as a subtle hubristic reminder to the assembled gang of plotters.

The Other 911,p7

Start at the beginning of the story by clicking the link on the right hand nav bar.

The Other 911, p6

You know the drill by now – click on the right hand menu to go to the first page of this story about the 1973 Chilean coup. And thanks for reading! Any comments appreciated.