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US government

Borderland, Trillion dollar debt, Art Imitating Life/Death/War

I’m now well into the Borderland comics project, with just over half of the artwork done and nearly all the thumbnails. In my focus on churning out pages, I missed the auspicious milestone that the US treasury passed last week, blazing past the 13 trillion dollar debt line with no hint of a slowdown. This is fast approaching 90% of the US’s GDP, though quite what difference it’ll make when the US spends more than it makes is open to debate. Want to see what part the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are playing in all this? Then visit the National Priorities Cost of War project.

Other interesting curios include the US’s fake theater of war, subject of a great new indie documentary. I first came across this on seeing that the US gov’t was using comics and video games to train troops, providing them with helpful visual guides to help categorize who they’re dealing with and how to adhere to the local mores and customs.

AIPAC comic preview pt 2 and a Knight Fellowship!

The rest of the piece will be published next week by Religion Dispatches. As ever, see below for sources:

Panel 4: Rosen’s quote from this 2005 New Yorker article. The comment about Rosen’s past as an espionage defendant concerns his August 4, 2005 Indictment on suspicion of passing US govt information to Israel. Read more here.
Panel 5: quote from p2 of Kenen’s book, Israel’s Defense Line: Her Friends and Foes in Washington, available to read online here.

Big news: I am delighted, proud and excited to say that I have been awarded a John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford 2010-11. For more, here’s the official press release. More on this when I come back down to earth.