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Graphic Journalism by Dan Archer


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What is Comics Journalism?

For a condensed summary of what comics journalism is, in comics format, check out my recent piece for here. Or you could read the fully interactive version here.

For those of you strapped for time, here’s a 3 minute explanation from my Knight Fellowship of what comics journalism is, how it works, and where it’s going.

This page is dedicated to showcasing graphic journalism/non-fiction talents around the world, from the professional level to grass-roots. I might even add an FAQ when I get the chance. For now, content yourselves with the following resources – and feel free to suggest any that I might have missed. To be clear: this is for multi-page, long-form comics, not single panel editorial cartoonists (Daryl Cagle), serialised 3-panellers (Doonesbury) or even multi-panel/multi-tiered rabble rousers (Ted Rall, though to be fair he did just come back from Afghanistan where he was researching his follow-up to the decent “Silk Road to Ruin”). The idea is that the work is presented as a window into a subject that does more than scratch the surface of said news topic with incendiary rhetoric, but actually aims to inform (dare I say educate) the reader.




Here’s the livestreamed feed of the Graphic Journalism Panel I was on with Susie Cagle, Erin Polgreen and Wendy Macnaughton at the Online News Association conference at the end of last year:

Watch live streaming video from onlinenewsassociation at

This is very much a work in progress, so please leave any more suggestions as a comment or send me an email if you feel I’ve missed anything/one off.

Listed below are some prominent comics journalists at the forefront of the field, followed by examples I’ve gleaned from around the world, organized by territory.


Comics Journalists:

    • Joe Sacco, the comics journalist de rigeur and author of Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde, The Fixer, and many more, but most recently the Ridenhour award-winning Footnotes in Gaza

Click here to listen to the panel discussion I shared with Joe Sacco on comics journalism when he came to Stanford in May 2011

Click below to listen to the Oct 2011 panel on Comics Journalism I moderated at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo, featuring Matt Bors, Susie Cagle and Jen Sorensen:

Click below to listen to the Media Consortium Panel from Oct 2011 on Storytelling Pioneers in the Newsroom, featuring panelists from Mother Jones, Truthout and yours truly.
[soundcloud url=”″]




Comics Journalism by Region:

Europe:, an Italian repository of comics journalism articles

Of the 2012 May protests in Russia

Articles on Comics Journalism:

Nieman Storyboard‘s Comic book news: a look at graphic narrative journalism (part 1)