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Graphic Journalism by Dan Archer



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Click on the thumbnail galleries or links below to read the comics in full screen versions. If you do enjoy what you read, consider making a tax-deductible donation, buying hard or digital copies from the store, or sharing the link (or all of the above). 



Commissioned by Stanford Law School to produce animated videos for their MOOC on international human rights law. 

Produced 5-page graphic journalism piece for San Francisco Public Press on homelessness in San Francisco.

Commissioned by Al-Jazeera to produce a series of animations based on video testimonials as part of their “Love/Hate” series.

Designed assets and animation for UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Institute for an upcoming Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Commissioned by ECPAT (anti-trafficking INGO) to create a 16-page comic in Nepali and English on the sexual abuse of street children in Kathmandu. Go to the Graphic Voices site to read the comic.


Save the Children International, Everyone Report: Adapted STC’s Every One Report on Child mortality under UN Millennium Development Goal #5 into a full colour comic, which was translated into Serbian, Bosnian, Arabic, French, Spanish and English and distributed internationally. Go to the Graphic Voices site to read the comic.

Medium magazine published an extract from my graphic novel on human trafficking in Nepal, Things Are Like That:

Symbolia Magazine published my story on a human trafficking survivor trafficked into sexual slavery in Kathmandu’s cabin restaurants:

I was 14 when I was Sold, published by BBC Online:

What is Cybersecurity? Interactive Comic for Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. Read the comic here.


Illustrated Reportage from the Brick Kilns of Bhaktapur: Published on in December 2012. Read the piece here.

Watch the video from my successful Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about my current project out in Nepal using comics to fight against human trafficking.

Our Ama, Our Hero: First comic from my current investigative journalism trip to Nepal, taking the stories of children at the Early Childhood Development Centre in Kathmandu and adapting them into a comic. Read the comic here.

Escape from Alcatraz #3: John Giles. On the abortive 1945 escape made by a convict on laundry detail. For more information and background to the project, visit the Alcatraz page. Published in October 2012 by the National Parks/Golden Gate Conservancy Trust. Buy your copy here.

Different Person, Different Life: an interview with a survivor of domestic violence from San Francisco, published by the San Francisco Public Press in September 2012. Read the comic here.

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum (Part 3): We look outside the US at Finland’s educational model to explore whether it makes for a viable alternative. Published by in July 2012. Read the comic here.

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum (Part 2): the education reform debate takes life in Post-Katrina New Orleans as a case study. Published by in June 2012. Read the comic here.

The Disaster Capitalism Curriculum (Part 1): on the education reform movement in the US and beyond.  Published by in May 2012. Read the comic here.

Making a Better Life, on human trafficking in the San Francisco bay area. In print via the San Francisco Public Press and online via,  March 2012. Read the comic here.

Comic for the Stanford Medical School, explaining the function of HDL and LDL cholesterol for medical student study guide. Preview panel here.

The International Criminal Court: Global Deterrant or Paper Tiger? Interactive timeline for Cartoon Movement in collaboration with the London School of Economics.



Crisis Comix part 1 for American Public Media’s Marketplace. Featuring animation and comics to explain the roots of the 2008 financial crisis.

Voices from Occupy Oakland published by Yes!magazine. Click here for the fully interactive version, featuring embedded audio and rollover functionality. Later published in Verso’s Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America.

The Nisoor Square Shootings: featuring flash animation, an interactive timeline and embedded videos/ hyperlinks to source materials. Published on Cartoon Movement in June 2011.

What Is Comics Journalism? Interactive comic for with embedded links. Here’s the fully interactive version.

From Bhutan to America: Bhutanese Refugees in Oakland that Madhu Acharya and I put together for SFgate. Click here to visit the interactive flash mini-site.

Wrongful Conviction, on the story of Ray Krone, who spent several years on death row for a murder he didn’t commit before being exonerated. Commissioned by Oxford University Press.




Yiddishkeit, on the history and culture of Yiddish from the middle ages to the present day. A collaboration with Harvey Pekar, published by Abrams Comicarts  in 2011 and nominated for a 2012 Eisner Award. Order the book on Amazon here.


Borderland: Seven Stories as Told by Victims of Human Trafficking, 40p colour comic produced in conjunction with Fulbright Fellow Olga Trusova and distributed by the International Organization for Migration in Ukranian and Russian to over 100 schools in eastern europe. For more on the project, visit the trafficking page here. Order your copy of this 40 page comic here.


The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History. On the 2009 coup that removed President Zelaya from office, and the history of US involvement in the region. Published on Alternet and featured on The Guardian UK, Boing Boing, Express Buzz (India), Opera Mundi (Brazil) and many others. Visit the Honduras page hereLater made into an iphone app. Order your copy of this comic here.


El Golpe de Estado Hondureno (en Espanol): Se trata del golpe de estado de 2009 that derrumbo el presidente Zelaya de su cargo, ademas enfocando en la historia de las operaciones clandestinas realizadas por los EEUU en centro america.


ホンジュラスのクーデター:グラフィックの歴史。オフィスから社長セラヤを削除2009年クーデター、地域における米国の関与の歴史。 Alternetに公開され、ガーディアン英国、ボインボイン、エクスプレス·バズ(インド)、オペラ·ムンディ(ブラジル)や他の多くの特色にした。後でiphoneアプリにしました。


The American-Israeli Lobby: A Graphic Primer, on the influential role of AIPAC in US politics for Religion Dispatches magazine. Click here for an interactive prototype I put together based on the last page of the comic.


Apocalypse Left and Right, on the apocalyptic movement in the US and the political capital it generates. Published 2009 on Religion Dispatches. Read it online with links at their site here.


The Right to Return, on the illegal removal of Diego Garica’s inhabitants by the US and UK governments in the 1970s to make way for a military base. Published on Common Dreams:


The Day I Became a Raging Granny Groupie, on a local activist group in the bay area and their protest against the passing of Proposition 8. Published in Bash Magazine, 2009:


Lunch on K Street, on how the lobbying process works in Washington DC. Published in Bash Magazine, 2009:


MTRFKRS, on Mountain Top Removal in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Published in Bash Magazine, 2009:



They Won’t Learn, a true story about gang violence in Nigeria. Published in Memoir Journal #4:


What a Whopper, on Burger King’s exploitation of undocumented central american migrant workers in Florida’s tomato fields. Published in World War 3 Illustrated:


Beggars, a true story about beggars in Abuja, Nigeria:


The Other 9/11, on the Chilean Coup that ousted President Salvador Allende in 1973 (and the US’s involvement). Published in The Other Side magazine: