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2012 February

Human Trafficking in San Francisco Comic – Up now on

I wanted to share my latest comic on human trafficking with you, published this morning on The print version will be included in the latest issue of the SF public press, which hits the bay area streets today. Please give it some social media love!

News galore: panels, conferences, courses and an archcomix exhibition

2012 is already looking to be a busy year for me, I’m pleased to say. From May 24-28 I’ll be in Phoenix, Arizona for the International Communication Association’s Conference, talking about comics journalism, followed a month later by the Woodstock Digital Media Festival, where I’ll be discussing visual storytelling on digital platforms. Straight after that I’ll be reprising my comics course at EPGY, Stanford’s Summer program in late June, followed immediately by my second stint at Idyllwild Arts College, near Palm Springs, California (that’s about 1.5 hours east of LA, non-yanks).  Click here to find out more about the 1 week adult class I’m giving at Idyllwild, and here for 2-week youth (14-18) class.

I know it’s a long way off, but I’m also delighted to say that this December there will be an Archcomix exhbition at Studio Unfiltered in Pleasanton, where I’ll be displaying select pages from my latest comics journalism projects. The reason I chose to work with SU was because of their “art for social change” ethos, realized in the fact that one third of all sales will be donated to an anti-trafficking NGO. But of course if you can’t wait for the festive season, you could always head over to the Archcomix online comic art repository and order a page directly through this site.

Alcatraz Comic now finished, support my next comic on human trafficking in SF on Spot.Us!

Behold! The first glimpse of final artwork for my Alcatraz comic, based on the abortive escape attempt made my John Giles in 1945. Soon to be published by the National Park Conservancy Trust and available in Alcatraz, as well as through their (and my) online store, date tba. If you can’t wait for a hard copy, I’m previewing pages on the locked part of this site – though you’ll need to subscribe to the Archcomix Newsletter (which you can do here) to get the top secret password.

Now that’s over, I’m already headfirst into my comics project on human trafficking in San Francisco, parts of which will be published by the SF Public Press and Truthout. The SF Public Press is funding the publication through journalism crowdsourcing site, so click here and support investigative comics journalism. Only 6 days left!

Lots of other news and announcements to share with you below the fold, so scroll down for the full skinny.

Wrongful Conviction, part 4

To read from the start of this harrowing true story about one man’s wrongful incarceration on death row, click here.